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“It is time to step up and seize unlimited opportunities.”


City by city. Street by street. House by house. We started this journey so that home owners who want to transform their houses do it with ease, by people who love what they do, and change the way our communities live at home.

Hitting our goals

Our partners are always looking ahead. We are eager to learn and eager to grow. We feed on positive energy and success stories. It is what drives us forward. Passion and ambition is the recipe to our success and it is what has guided us to where we are today.

A short story of our old history

Kitchen & Bath Shop, by VKB is a partnership program of committed entrepreneurs. With impeccable designs & dozens of showrooms, we have a stronghold in the home renovation business. Our belief is that your home is your unique space we help customize and design to fit your lifestyle.

Our partners

Kitchen and Bath Shop was built on a successful business model that we have helped many aspiring entrepreneurs replicate through our partnership program. Are you ready for your own success story?