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Our Trainings

Traning our current and potential partners for enriched experience

Our trainings apply techniques from a variety of disciplines, values distinction in detail, and give careful consideration to the unique needs and qualities of each partner.

We operate with the philosophy that any ambitious entrepreneur can become our successful partner.

From managing a team, to operating a business, to learning and keeping up with the latest designs and more, our trainings include everything you need to kickstart your showroom and flourish as a partner.

Types of trainings

Kitchen and Bath Shop has specific training requirements which are mandatory before opening for business.

Interior Design

Our experienced designers will provide one-time, frequent, and online tutorials, trainings and workshops to train and improve your design skillset for kitchens and bathrooms.


Sales are the oxygen of our business. A good salesperson is also a good designer and a good project manager.

Project Management

The most important part of your process starts when we start the job. Your training for project management is of utmost importance.


Marketing is too important to be left for marketing departments. All our partners must be excellent marketers


Our biggest source of strength is our team. You will be trained to managing your team, recruiting good people and getting them to the next level.


Our proprietary software and CRM will make it easy to manage clients, projects, and estimate the cost and profit of your jobs very quickly and accurately.

Our trainers

A designated support team trained to help you every step of the way.

John Benjamin


John has a 15-year experience in design and sales.

Kerry Burke


Kerry is our top salesperson and an outstanding tutor.

Annette Peterson


Annette is the Human Resources director.

Logan Papadopoulous


Logan is a crew leader, and a project manager for 35 years.