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Start your business without any hiccups

Kitchen and Bath Shop is the only nationwide chain that models its business around design and build. We have helped many people quit their dreadful day jobs and become the captain of their own business.

If you want to start your own business, but fear the uncertainties of this industry, our partner program can help you get set up seamlessly. From the first legal steps to long-term business help, our experts are here to minimize the risks greatly & help you become profitable in no time

Join our family

Investing in your future

Our partnership program is open for everyone. We are happy to share in the costs of starting a local businesses & provide you the right mindset & training to succeed.

Existing Model

When you choose to partner under Kitchen and Bath Shop, the risks associated with the lack of experience, financial constraints and the sluggish growth of the brand are at a minimum.

Success Story

Kitchen & Bath Shop is in itself a success story, a real-life example of how a business could be built from scratch despite all the challenges it faced over the years.

Minimum Risk

Kitchen & Bath Shop’s past experience and the learning curve will prevent the repetition of mistakes from happening again due to vast past experience.

Opportunity to Train

After the partnership deal is done, partners will go through a vigorous training program. Existing partners will have a chance to benefit from training programs.

Legal Procedures

Kitchen & Bath Shop will help create a legal entity, make lucrative deals with banks, supervise tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll, and accounting. 

Marketing Help

Kitchen & Bath Shop partners will have a chance to be part of already ongoing marketing efforts by Kitchen & Bath Shop.

Unlimited possibilities

There are a number of options when it comes to working with Kitchen and Bath Shop and becoming a partner.

Convert Your Business

You have a struggling kitchen and bathroom design and build business? You can convert your shop to become our partner, use our tradename, marketing strategies, and our experience. You can keep your business in whole.

Become an Owner

You can start with little to no experience in the home renovation business. With sufficient training and the right mindset, you can achieve to become a successful design and build company in your community.

Become a Partner

We are happy to join efforts to build a local business together. You can share costs with the corporate and build an amazing business.

Get Multi-Location Package

You have an opportunity to take over a big chunk territory, with certain terms and conditions, and open multi-businesses. Subject to the corporate’s approval and potential owners have to prove their financial and team capabilities to undertake such a venture.

Request information

Reach out to our corporate office for more information about becoming a partner, learn more about our training and process as well as financing options.