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Proven System

Paving the way for affordable home renovations in our community

Come and become part of our vision & become a leader in the home remodeling industry with our partner program.

With minimal risk, a proven business model & experts from the industry, as well as just a call away from Home Office for any marketing or strategic help – we are here to facilitate your growth & to help our communities get exceptional remodeling services easily.

See how you can join

Discover the benefits

We are not promising a problem-free business. There is no such thing.
What we are saying is that it is a no-brainer to not skip this opportunity. If you love the remodeling industry and have always dreamed of being a business owner, Kitchen & Bath Shop is your place to begin to achieve your dream.

Minimum Risk

When you choose Kitchen and Bath Shop, risks associated with the lack of experience, financial constraints and the sluggish growth of the brand are at a minimum.

Business Plan

Kitchen & Bath Shop is going to provide a detailed business plan that has been tried and tested through thick and thin over the years.

Vast Experience

Kitchen & Bath Shop parent company has over 10 years of experience in home remodeling and it is an unparalleled opportunity for any partner to share that experience.

Proven System

Kitchen & Bath Shop has insured itself against possible errors and codified processes that borne out of past mistakes, enabling future partners to avoid those mistakes.

Success Story

Kitchen & Bath Shop is in itself a success story, a real-life example of how a business could be built from scratch despite all the challenges it faced over the years.

Solid Team

Kitchen & Bath Shop parent company is composed of extremely experienced executives and leaders who can guide, inspire and lead every Kitchen & Bath Shop partner.

Minimize Overheads

Purchasing or being a part of any established brand will come with a hefty price tag. Kitchen & Bath Shop will enable you to invest very minimum and get the maximum profit out of it.


Kitchen & Bath Shop partner will only focus on sales and closing. Other essential businesses will in part be undertaken by and in coordination with the Head Office.

Training Opportunity

After the partnership deal is done, owners will go through a vigorous training program. Existing partners will have a chance to benefit from training programs.

Ease of Kick-Start

Kitchen & Bath Shop will help create a legal entity, make lucrative deals with banks, supervise tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll, and accounting.

Legal Compliance

Kitchen & Bath Shop will provide all legal documents, including contracts and prepare new ones when necessary, and advice on possible legal troubles.

Location Selection

When a potential owner is ready to move forward, or get a second location, the Head Office will help the partner select a location.

Tailored services

Our services aren’t a cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all programs. It is tailored to your location and your community. We commit to a solution-based focus.

Market Research

Kitchen & Bath Shop will help conduct market research and evaluation of store location based on competition and other factors.

Recruitment Help

Kitchen & Bath Shop will help set up the onboarding of employees including designers and project managers.

Displays & Selections

Partners will have a chance to work with the latest brands and get their displays either for free or at a significant discount with the help of the corporate. 

Grand Opening

Kitchen & Bath Shop will manage, organize and supervise the grand and soft opening of the store location, spearhead marketing efforts and invite local officials.

Showroom Design

Partners will get a chance to do their own project management when designing the showroom, of course, with the help of the Head Office. It will be part of their training. 

Legal Assistance

Kitchen & Bath Shop will help their partners to prepare all types of contracts, including with retail clients, suppliers, vendors, employees, partners, and landlords.

Jumpstart your business

Stress-Free Process and Great Savings.

Marketing Help

Be part of already ongoing marketing efforts by Kitchen & Bath Shop.

Enhanced Visibility

Paid and organic online visibility, & management of local platforms.


Being part of Kitchen & Bath Shop will allow local stores to start selling right from the first month.

Sales Boost

Being part of Kitchen & Bath Shop will allow local stores to start selling right from the first month.

Client Services

Head Office will help train local owners to properly communicate with clients in sales and project management.

Buying Power

Opportunity to buy with discount brands that are otherwise impossible to acquire at a certain pricing point

Easy Access

Kitchen & Bath Shop partner will have easy access to opportunities, established rules and regulations, processes and operations.


Kitchen & Bath Shop partner won’t waste time in figuring out the best CRM, cost estimators, client relations and/or other programs.