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Forget about business limits! Build and grow your passion dream invest me

We know that smooth process means good business. From the moment you decide to get on board to fully operating your location, our step-by-step guide to opening your business and become an owner will lay out all the measures you need to take to successfully finance, open and operate your business.

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Absolutely, not! In fact, none of our partners have had any remodeling background or experience and most of them are leading retailers in renovation and remodeling in their region.

Of course! The initial investment isn’t that much. But you can also apply for financing, partner up with the corporate or get financial support from the corporate. As long as you have the necessary work ethic and passion, financial support is only a technicality.

Every business venture has risks. Companies usually fail because they can’t attract customers, or sell consistently or a lack of experience in project management. We provide help, training and support in all of these, minimizing your risk.

For owners who are interested in operating multiple locations, we offer four available options. The Multi-Location Package is for candidates that wish to buy larger, expanded territory (either 2 or 3 contiguous markets), but run them as one larger franchise area. Partners typically open a location every 9-12 months and each operates as a single unit. More detailed information can be found on our Benefits page.

Our locations are exclusive and we review current household numbers to determine territory of your zip codes. Our goal is to maximize your returns in your location(s) while serving your desired areas and/or region. We work with you to choose a location or create a territory that both parties are satisfied with.  Any unsold territory surrounding your location is considered available and can be worked.

Our typical client are two-income household, homeowners 40+. However, your clients can be anyone with a kitchen, bathroom, or home additions that would like to improve their home. Every home has a kitchen, so your customer can be of any age or any income level. With our proven operating system and quality assurance system of all remodeling jobs, we have a solution and plan for any budget and design. Kitchen & Bath Shop has many different types of clients (but a majority of them fall into our primary demographic.)

The remodeling industry is ever evolving. As a result, we are committed to ongoing training and teaching our partners to remain knowledgeable and competitive in the market.

We begin with the pre-training standard of procedures that guides you through opening your business and helps prepare you for when you come to training school. From setting up phone lines and lead tracking systems to business insurance, you will have a conversation with our Marketing Team on your marketing plan, and dive into manuals and videos about our core services. Then you will travel to Home Office for 5 days of training. Our team uses our on-site training facility and design software to teach you how to operate your franchise. The experts of each department will go through technical training, marketing, sales, accounting, operations, suppliers and more.

After training school, you’ll be assigned a Home Office mentor to complete a Quarterly Business/Marketing Plan with weekly reviews and check-ins. You will have access to The Partnership Program online training and support library that can be accessed any time or anywhere from any computer or mobile device.

After your first three months, you will officially graduate training. Our Home Office Support team is available to you with any questions you have. The frequency of the phone calls are up to you. We love helping and answering questions, so we encourage everyone to call in and ask questions or seek advice as often as necessary.

Our industry continues to be innovated, so we strive to keep you the most informed as an expert in the home improvement field. Your knowledge will continue to grow with our many training offerings provided throughout the year via webinars, email newsletters, weekly coaching calls and open forum in our private Facebook group. We top it off with an annual Kitchen & Bath Shop Brainstorming weekend getaway. We gather annually to encourage networking with your fellow franchisees.