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Kitchen and Bath Shop Plans to Hit 23 Stores by 2022

Kitchen and Bath Shop, a one-stop remodeling chain headquartered in Maryland, is planning to hit 20 stores by the end of 2021, an ambitious plan in an industry where expansion is usually sluggish and painstaking.

Founded as a company with the goal of eliminating the hassle of renovating your house, Kitchen and Bath Shop is rolling out a unique system that will make the process so smooth that everyone, including those who have zero construction background, can pull it off effectively and efficiently.

“We believe in helping passionate entrepreneurs achieve their long-lasting dream,” Paul Panah, Kitchen and Bath Shop’s CEO, has said. “With impeccable designs and dozens of showrooms, we have a stronghold in the home renovation business. Our belief is that your home is your unique space we help customize and design to fit your lifestyle.” 

The CEO said that their proven operating system at Kitchen and Bath Shop will help partners provide the best customer service while delivering exceptional home remodeling projects for homeowners in their communities.

Kitchen and Bath Shop says they already partnered up with the most known and top-notch brands in America such as Kohler, Vives, and CabinetWorks for significant discounts and they even hold exclusive rights in specific territories to some of the top lines in the industry. Not only do you receive discounted pricing from suppliers, they are also able to pass down and offer a wide range of options and savings to homeowners as well.

From the moment a partner decides to get on board to fully operating their location, Kitchen and Bath Shop claims that their step-by-step guide to opening the business and become an owner will lay out all the measures partners need to take to successfully finance, open and operate a remodeling business. Thanks to their unique system, the painful process of remodeling becomes something every one of their partners can enjoy. Even those without any construction background can learn and execute very quickly.

“Some of our designers are making almost close to half a million in sales every single month,” Paul Panah said, adding that most of these designers, who are considered one of the top design consultants and salespeople in the state, had little, if any, experience in the remodeling industry. “They could pull off such a gigantic success thanks to the system we provide, an indication of the enormous value we offer,” he added.

Currently, Kitchen and Bath Shop has 4 stores in Virginia, 4 stores in Maryland, and one in Washington D.C. One Kitchen and Bath Shop store is set to open in Chesapeake in July, one in Fredericksburg in July, one in Fairfax, VA in August, one in Timonium, MD, in August, one in Raleigh, NC, in October, one in Chicago, IL, in June, one in Cherry Hill, NJ, in July, one in West Palm Beach, Fla, in August, one in New York in June, one in Leesburg, VA, in September, one in Wilmington, NC, in October, one in Louisville, KY, in November, one in Nashville, TN, in November and one in Dallas, TX, in July.

What makes the home renovation industry distinct from many other investments, Kitchen and Bath Shop management said, is the quicker way of returning your investments. With Kitchen and Bath Shop’s existing brand, they believe that partners can recoup their entire investment between 12 to 16 months.