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July 2020 – Columbia Becomes Next Home to Kitchen and Bath Shop

The city of Columbia, a populous town in the middle of Maryland, is now home to another Kitchen and Bath Shop location. The store in Columbia is poised to serve as the headquarters of Kitchen and Bath Shop corporation.

After extensive renovation of its spacious location, Kitchen and Bath Shop formally opened its doors to customers in the summer. It sits next to VKB Kitchen and Bath, Maryland’s one of the largest remodeling store and its sister company. Both of them are owned by parent company VKB Corporation.

“This showroom is one of its kind, designed specifically to give privacy to customers during design and material selection part in the middle of the pandemic,” Fatih Beren, the showroom’s manager said. He said the pandemic wiped out many what he called “fake remodelers” who popped up in the past few years and offered no meaningful customer service or quality products. This enabled experienced companies like Kitchen and Bath Shop to stay afloat and even increase their sales. “It is no wonder that we opened yet another showroom in the middle of a global pandemic. Because there is a huge and exponentially growing demand for it,” Beren added.

Columbia showroom of Kitchen and Bath Shop is also going to house what the manager called “KBS Academy,” an institute for training of store managers and key employees. In addition to hands-on training on sales, project management and design, store managers from other showrooms and/or new potential partners will go through a vigorous training with Kitchen and Bath Shop’s proprietary software that makes it super easy to manage customers from A to Z.

“This is something that has never been done before in America. This is unparalleled,” Beren noted.