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July – 2018: New Kitchen and Bath Shop Store Opens in Washington D.C.

A few month after the opening of a Kitchen and Bath Shop location in Fredericksburg, Virginia, a group of businessmen started another location in Washington D.C., right on the border with Maryland to better serve communities both within D.C. as well as College Park-Hyatsville area.

The store transferred a star kitchen and bath designer, who will start catering to high-end clientele in D.C. area.

Washington D.C. is a deeply divided city based on household income and average housing prices. Kitchen and Bath Shop is planning to serve homeowners for every budget. It has already devised packages that will allow homeowners to completely change their kitchens and master bathrooms for under $10,000.

In its profile of stores like Kitchen and Bath Shop in Washington D.C., the Washington Post called our store a “specialty kitchen store.” It said specialty kitchen stores are similar to big-box retailers in that they provide an array of kitchen components including cabinets and fixtures. They also resemble design firms because they employ designers, who are often better qualified and more experienced than their counterparts at large retailers. “Unlike a designer at a big-box store who perhaps transferred into the kitchen department and received some in-house training, specialty kitchen store designers tend to be nationally certified professionals,” the newspaper noted.

Craig Pugh, a kitchen and bathroom designer at Washington D.C. location, told the Washington Post that “We offer what I would consider almost a custom level of products and services [at] Home Depot or Lowe’s price.”